HA1180 Heater Gauge Reddy / Master / Desa Heater Pump Pressure Test Gauge

  • HA1180 Heater Gauge  Reddy  / Master / Desa  Heater Pump Pressure Test Gauge
  • HA1180 Heater Gauge  Reddy  / Master / Desa  Heater Pump Pressure Test Gauge

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Genuine OEM Pump Adjustment Gauge for Oil Fired Low Pressure Heaters 

  •  Part # HA1180

  • Best Gauge Available. Large 2-1/2"  Dial. 
  • High Quality Gauge and Very Accurate + 2%.
  • This is the factory service gauge for all Desa low pressure Oil Heaters.
  • Proper pressure is essential for efficient heater performance.
  • The FIRST STEP in diagnosing any heater problem should be checking the output of the air pump. Determine the air pressure required for the heater model that is being serviced. The air pump is responsible for fuel delivery.
  • To find the required pressure look for a decal on the side (usually) of your heater. This decal will list the model number, serial number, fuel capacity, pump pressure, etc.
  • The hole on the left has a square or slotted plug inserted. Remove the plug. Screw in the nipple end of the gauge into the threaded hole. Be careful not to cross thread the gauge into the threaded hole.  Check for air leaks with soapy water.
  • The other hole (on the right) has a screw with a hole which adjusts a ball and spring relief valve assembly. Carefully adjust the screw until the gauge is reading the pressure level that is specified on the heater's label. If operating properly, the pump should produce more pressure than is required to operate the heater. The relief valve allows the excess air to escape before being sent to the nozzle.
  • Replace plug. Test for leak.
  • If you are unable to reach the desired pressure spray soapy water around the seal of the end cover, at the same time check the plastic cover for a crack. A cracked end cover will not allow the heater to perform properly and will not allow for an accurate reading. The pump must be set at the specified pressure in order to have adequate fuel delivery an adequate fuel atomization. Replace if needed.
  • If you set the pressure to specs and the heater does not perform properly or the cone does not glow a soft red, then check for other fuel delivery problems such as a clogged fuel filter, cracked rubber hose, clogged or worn nozzle, or a cracked nozzle adapter. Soapy water lightly sprayed in these areas will quickly identify the problem most of the time. Any air leak will create problems.
  • If you are unsure, please contact us us with your model and serial number and we will be happy to help.
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