Thermocouple GA183 Vanguard Comfort glow

  • Thermocouple GA183   Vanguard Comfort glow
  • Thermocouple GA183   Vanguard Comfort glow

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Thermocouple , Genuine OEM GA183

  • Part # GA183

  • Fits Select DESA Vent-Free Wall Heaters and Garage Heaters
  • Desa 39" Vent Free Wall Heater Thermocouple
  • Propane & Nat' Gas.
  • Approximately 39" long
  • Glo Warm, Vanguard, Comfort Glow and Others

Vent Free wall space heater replacement thermocouple. Designed to fit most Desa Comfort Glow, Glo Warm, and Reddy Heater garage heaters.

Fits model No. CBN20 T, BCP20 T, CBN30 T, CRN18 T, CRP16 T, CRN30 T, CRP26 T, GWN20 T, GWP20 T, GWN30 T, GWP30 T, GWRN18 T, GWRP16 T, GWRN30 T, GWRP26T, WMN20, WMP20, GN30, GP30, GN30T, and GP30T.

  •  Cgcf26tn, Cgcf26tna, Cgcf26tp, Cgcf26tpa, Cgn6, Cgn6l, Cgn6la
  • Cgn10, Cgn10a, Cgn10l, Cgn10la, Cgn10r, Cgn10rl, Cgn10rla, Cgn10t, Cgn10tl, Cgn10tla, Cgn12
  • Cgn12a, Cgn18, Cgn18a, Cgn18b, Cgn18c, Cgn18t, Cgn18ta, Cgn18tb, Cgn18tlb, Cgn18tl, Cgn20, Cgn20l
  • Cgn20b, Cgn20lb, Cgn20t, Cgn20tl, Cgn20tb, Cgn20tlb, Cgn28t, Cgn28ta, Cgn28tb, Cgn30, Cgn30c
  • Fits too many models to list.
  • If you are unsure, please contact us us with your model and serial number and we will be happy to help.
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This is an original equipment thermocouple.

Type Heater Parts
Vendor Desa International
Tags portable-space-heaters, reddy